Sychem’s participation in the 11th session of Greek Solid Waste Management Organizations in Trikala.

The Network of Solid Waste Management Organizations and the Environmental Development of Western Thessaly (PADYTH) organized the 11th Panhellenic Session Network of Solid Waste Management which took place from 29/6 – 1/7 at the Cultural Center of the Trikala Municipality. Sychem participated as a major sponsor.

The session focused on the implementation of the new National Waste Management Plan where many mayors and government officials attended the meeting, including Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy.

Session participants had the opportunity to be informed at Sychem booth about our innovations in Reverse Osmosis (RO) units for landfill leachates in combination with Ultra Filitration (UF MBR cross flow) pretreatment. This concept also applies for the treatment of digestate effluent from Biogas Plants, such as the 500 kW Biogas Power Station installed in Heraklion, by Technical Bioenergy Crete, a subsidiary of the SYCHEM Group.

Last but not least, session participants had a tour to the Trikala landfill site and the Reverse Osmosis Unit installed for the Leachates treatment by SYCHEM.

For more information, please click here

The Biological Reverse Osmosis unit of Sychem at 02:47

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