Automatic Control Systems BEMS / PLC

The successful performance of a modern energy system depends on the electronic control of the electromechanical equipment. SYCHEM S.A. has developed a field for automations and remote monitoring services with the intent to ensure the reliable operation of innovative energy systems and water treatment systems.

Electronic control relies on the interconnection of the electromechanical installations within a building or an industrial facility with a central electronic control unit so that the automatic control of the installations is conducted through a central computer. However, the most crucial and complex part is the development of operation algorithms that need to be customized for each particular application.

Energy efficiency results from the effective time & method control of the operation of the electromechanical equipment. For instance, lighting can be controlled by photocells or by time schedule in all common areas of a building. Additionally, electronic control can be provided for all types of pumps, HVAC, hot water production, and more. Regarding combined energy systems, electronic control is extremely crucial, as it chooses main and auxiliary sources of energy based on demand and availability.

Electronic control systems incorporate graphical representations in a computer, aiming the easy visual control of the installations and the direct detection of any potential malfunctions. Consequently, this leads to significant reduction of costs associated with maintenance, as well as to prompt detection of potential failures that may lead to damages and/or major loss of revenue caused by equipment downtime at production lines in industrial facilities or cause negative publicity to a hotel due to clients’ complaints.

Essentially, an electronic control system constitutes the heart of a comprehensive energy management system and offers considerable energy savings of electrical power and liquid or gas fuels consumption, while at the same time upgrades the operation quality of an industrial facility or hotel establishment. Energy savings can reach up to 30% of the total energy demand. The success of the system depends primarily on the proper design and parameterization that shall facilitate the system’s reliable operation and provide the maximum possible energy efficiency; and also on the selection of reliable software, control sensors, and supplementary electrical and electronic equipment.

SYCHEM S.A. has undertaken over the years more than 40 major electronic controlling and remote monitoring projects for large industrial and hotel facilities. Several of these systems include more than 2.000 control points. Such projects can be particularly demanding, with rigorous performance reliability requirements of energy systems that use renewable energy sources and the achievement of measurable and challenging energy goals.

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