Closed Loop Cooling – Heating Systems

Existing Issues

Closed loop water HVAC systems and closed loop hot water production systems (primary burner) often present issues caused by the circulation of corrosion products, in the form of dark-colored mud, and eventually, with time, cause network damage.

This is a complex situation as corrosion results from oxygen amounts that are introduced in the network, while the dark colored mud is formed by corrosion products.

In reality, within an extended network there are always slight leaks and losses, as well as clogs, particularly in fan coil applications, thus resulting in a constant inflow of fresh water into the network from the automatic water filling system during cleaning and maintenance procedures.

Oxygen causes the formation of suspended solids which circulate in the network and lead to the reduction of the system’s efficiency and increased cleaning needs; this leads to further losses in water, introduction of fresh water and oxygen in the system, and so on.

Method of Corrosion Control: OxyFree System

OxyFree Oxygen Electrochemical Binding System

The OxyFree system removes oxygen and maintains the oxygen concentration levels lower than 0.1ppm, while at the same time creates a powerful inhibitor through the method of electrolytic dissolution of the built-in aluminum cathode. The system is composed of an electronic control unit as well as a treatment tank in a compact form. An incorporated pulse flow meter is used for providing the control unit with consumption data, while the digital screen provides a full range of operating parameter indications. At the same time, a special electrode detects the presence of oxygen in the water and sends data to the central unit which adjusts the operation parameters accordingly. The system is fully automated and requires only the replacement of the anode every two or three years. System monitoring is completed with the use of a specific electronic monitoring card which serves two purposes: it records the operation parameters of the system for monitoring & controlling, while it is also used for the automatic re-programming of the system in case needed.

Closed Loop Water Systems: Cooling – Heating

Installation – Outcome Guarantee

The implementation of the proposed design combined with the extensive experience that SYCHEM S.A. has acquired on corrosion protection and water treatment systems (company list of design and construction projects is provided upon request) guarantees the active protection against corrosion of all the metal components in each installation.
SYCHEM S.A. offers a results-based warranty on the system, while correct system operation is also ensured by measurements taken prior and after the installation of the system, to confirm the reduction of oxygen concentration at levels lower than 0.1ppm (as per DIN specifications).

Brief Technical Description

The installation of an electrochemical oxygen binding OxyFree system in combination with a centrifugal filter forms the solution of the issue, without the need for chemicals addition.

Centrifugal Filter

The centrifugal filter acts supportively on the electrochemical oxygen binding system. The installation of a centrifugal system with retention capabilities of up to 98% solids above 75μm is recommended for the removal of suspended solids and corrosion products and for the preservation of water purity. The centrifugal filter has no maintenance requirements, while the solids removal is performed with a simple nozzle release on the lower part of the filter. A bypass is installed with 15% of the total volume of the network passing through this arrangement.

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