Sychem is a fast growing engineering company which designs, manufactures and operates both water treatment plants and geothermal energy systems. Its water treatment systems utilize several methods of water filtration that create high quality water suitable for industrial and commercial use. These effective water treatment solutions based on membrane technology reduce energy costs and provide supreme performance

The company’s geothermal solutions use sea and ground water to provide cooling and heating. In both systems, the advanced engineering design eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs and modernize system-wide efficiency for clients that include oil refineries and power plants. Since its foundation in 2002, Sychem has implemented over 100 projects across Greece, Africa and the Middle East and today, it has 130 employees.

SYCHEM is mainly an export orientated company and internationally active in southeastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North Africa with subsidiaries and sales representatives in 7 countries.

SYCHEM has joined the global network of Endeavor, non-profit organization supporting high-impact entrepreneurship, at the 64th Endeavor Global International Selection Panel (ISP) in Madrid.

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