Completion of energy upgrade- installation and operation for the geothermal system with cooling capacity of 1,5 MW installed at ARINA BEACH RESORT 4* hotel

Despite the difficult and unprecedented times that touristic sector experiences, the upgrade and expansion of electromechanical installations of cooling and domestic hot water production were completed successfully on behalf of ARINA BEACH RESORT 4*hotel.

The hotel Arina Beach Resort, while undergoing a major expansion and renovation with new rooms, common areas and new swimming pools, assigned to Yfantis Engineering consulting office the project of the innovative geothermal system to meet the new requirements for cooling and heating for the total hotel.

Sychem S.A undertook the fully reconstruction of the central facilities, systems’ commissioning, start-up as well as their integration to the BMS central management system in order to maximise energy efficiency.

The design philosophy is based on energy integration via a combined system of geothermal – energy recovery and desalination.

For the cooling system, in particular, three water-cooled chillers with nominal cooling power of 1,41 MW and total Heat Recovery of 1,57 MW were installed, saving energy for the heating requirements of domestic hot water production and swimming pools as well as one desalination unit of 250 m3 per day.

The BMS System controls the operation of all systems by implementing process automation and allows for energy and sources savings. The user friendly BMS system ensures easy operation of all systems with remote control and monitoring via energy analysis and recording of parameters.

The combined system of energy production and management of ARINA BEACH RESORT 4* has been successfully operated during the holiday season of 2020 and it is considered as one of the greatest projects of energy completion and integration in Greece using geothermal energy.

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