Cu/Cuso4 Reference Electrode (CSE)

SYCHEM manufactures and supplies stationary reference electrode for onshore CP systems.

Copper Sulfate half-cell (CSE) is the most commonly used reference electrode in Cathodic Protection corrosion control systems for onshore applications.

The redox reaction between a pure copper coil immersed in a saturated solution of copper sulfate CuSO4 used to find out a highly stable electrode potential.

Their high-porous terracotta base allow an efficient ion current exchange with the surrounding electrolyte, minimizing the risk of electrode’s polarization and allowing a stable and easy potential reading even in hard and high-resistivity soils.

Our standard stationary CSE for installation in dry and high resistivity soils electrodes come pre-packaged in chemical backfill to ensure superior and long lasting humidity retention.

Stationary CSE reference electrodes must be installed in vertical position at a maximum distance of 30-50 cm from the structure to me monitored. Prior to installation, ensure humidity absorption by soaking the electrode in fresh water for at least 24 hours.


  • Onshore pipelines
  • Onshore Tank bottom etc


  • Pure Copper coil
  • High purity copper sulfate CuSO4
  • Terracotta base
  • Chemical Backfill
  • Cable
  • Serial Number Marking

Bare: OD 75, L 350mm

Pre-packed: OD 210, L 500mm

Operational Temperature

Range: 5OC +35OC



  • PVC


  • 6sqmm
  • 10sqmm
  • 16sqmm

Length: 20m


  • Gypsum 75%
  • Bentonite 20%
  • Sodium Sulphate 5%

Bag: Cotton

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