Heat Recovery

Heat recovery is a vital technique for the development of a modern energy system that offering significant economical and environmental benefits.

SYCHEM S.A. has important experience and expertise in the development of comprehensive model energy systems using the heat recovery technique widely in its applications. For that purpose SYCHEM S.A. owns all the required equipment and has developed a series of specific algorithms for the construction of highly efficient energy recovery systems.

More specifically, SYCHEM S.A. has acquired valuable experience in the following systems:

  • Heat recovery systems from chillers for office space or water heating applied specifically in hotels and hydrotherapy centers.
  • Heat recovery systems from industrial cooling for office space or water heating.
  • Heat recovery systems for energy efficiency in hot water production with reverse osmosis.

With specifically developed algorithms and proper mechanical design, the heat recovery method can be applied and contribute significantly to energy savings up to 40%.

SYCHEM S.A. has installed 30 major heat recovery systems in hotels and industrial facilities, with thermal power ranging from 500 to 1.500KW.

Investing in heat recovery systems has gained significant attention as the depreciation period of such systems is typically less than 3 years.

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