Investment Self Financing

SYCHEM S.A. is one of the few companies in Greece that has the design and construction expertise and experience, as well as the capacity and qualifications, to undertake integrated energy projects since the initial phases of idea, design and licensing to the delivery and final commissioning phases, with defined and measurable energy goals.

Within this framework and for each specific energy application that SYCHEM S.A. has designed, we provide the possibility of construction which is partially or totally financed on an energy efficiency basis to the project owner.

In any case, SYCHEM S.A. is always committed to achieve the energy goals of each installation with substantial assurance, by withholding part of the contractor work for a period of at least 6 months or until there are measures which provide evidence that the energy goals have been achieved.

By doing so, SYCHEM S.A. provides a guaranteed period of depreciation to the investor of each project.

SYCHEM S.A. group of companies has also the capability, through its specialized design and consulting company, to undertake the participation of energy projects in European or national funding programs for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.Within the past 10 years the consulting company Yfantis Engineering Ltd. has successfully conducted design studies, compiled and submitted the required documentation and has also provided all the required engineering consulting services for the funds received on behalf of the client, for projects of a total budget of €20,000,000.

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