MMO Ribbon Anodes

To achieve the highest protection from an impressed current system we need an anode with a very low consumption rate and a high current capacity. SYNCOR mixed metal oxide (MMO) anodes can reach these requirements.

SYNCOR Mixed Metal Oxide are comprised of a titanium substrate coated by a mixed metal oxide of Iridium (IrO2) and Tantalum (Ta2O5).

The MMO coating has the following advantageous properties:

  • Excellent conductivity
  • Resistance to acidic environments
  • Chemical stability
  • Relatively low consumption rates
  • Suitable for use in both chlorine and oxygen evolving electrolytes
  • Life expectancy of over 50 years
  • Simple and easy to install.

MMO Ribbon

MMO Anodes consist of a titanium substrate coated with a precious mixed metal oxides (IrO2/Ta2O5).  The  mixed metal oxide is to activate the titanium and enables it to function as an anode. The life of the MMO anode coating is dependent on the surrounding electrolyte, such as fresh water, brackish  water,  seawater,    coke,  or sand. Based on accelerated life testing conducted, our MMO coating has proven to be superior to other MMO coatings.


Multi-anode conductor

Lightweight / durable

High current output

Dimensionally stable


Onshore & Offshore         

Concrete rebar protection for Bridges, port, Buildings etc.

Tank bottom



Titanium (ASTM B265 Grade 1 or 2)


(IrO2 / Ta2O5)

Material Specification

Coating Method: Multi  pass thermal  decomposition  of precious  metal salts technique

Width (Nom): 6.35mm

Thickness (Nom): 0.635mm

Standard Coil Length: 150m

Standard Coil Weight: 2.7kg

Surface Area of Ribbon: 0.014m2/m

Consumption Rate: 0.5  – 4.0  mg/A/yr depending upon CP application  conditions

Utilization Factor: Dimensionally Stable

Working Environment: Suitable for Cl2 & O2 or combination  of both

Operating Characteristics          

Current Output In Fine Sand

42mA/m when operating at a current density of 3A/m2

50 year design life when operating at a current density of 3A/m2

Current Output In Concrete

1.5mA/m when operating at a current density of 110mA/m2

100 year design life when operating at a current density of 110mA/m2

Quality Assurance

Strict quality procedures are followed throughout the coating process to ensure proper adhesion and loading.

MMO anodes is subjected to thorough testing including,

  • Review of Mill certs for Titanium substrate
  • Accelerated life testing as (NACE Standard TM0294-2007)
  • 3rd party coating thickness verification with X-ray


SYNCOR supply spot welding machines and accessories.


The information provided in this document was accurate at the time it was published, however, we reserve the right to revise this document without prior warning.

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