Opening ceremony for the Desalination Unit of 600 m³ per day production capacity at the Municipality of Lipsi, 05 May 2019

The opening ceremony of the 600 m3 per day seawater desalination unit for Lipsi Municipality, took place on the 5th of May 2019 with great success. Sychem S.A has been assigned of the construction for the desalination unit and all accompanied infrastructure works as well as the unit operation for the next 3 years, ensuring low operational cost with substantial savings for the public sector and achieving island’s potable water autonomy.


The Desalination Unit was inaugurated by Mr. N. Santorinios- Deputy Minister of Mercantile Marine and Island Policy, with the presence of Mr. G. Kassaras – General Secretariat for the Aegean and Island Policy, Mr. F. Maggos – Mayor of Lipsi and Dr.-Ing A. Yfantis – President and Managing Director of SYCHEM S.A.


Mr. Maggos, Mayor of Lipsi, thanked Mr. Santorinios during his speech for his persistent and effective actions in order not to further delay the unit’s operation, while he described desalination unit as “the greatest project of recent years that was completed within few months, providing the most important public commodity in full proficiency to the inhabitants of Lipsi”.


The President and Managing Director of SYCHEM S.A. Dr.-Ing Alexandros Yfantis thanked the Deputy Minister, the Mayor of Lipsi and his associates during his speech for their crucial initiative and pressure that they applied for the successful completion of this difficult project. He also promised that SYCHEM S.A., with over 20 years’ experience into the field of desalination and the internationally recognized technical expertise, will support Lipsi residents in order to have access to high quality potable water supply.

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