The construction

In 2014 SYCHEM SA, in close cooperation with the Municipality of Malevizi and the Municipal Enterprise for Water Supply and Sewerage (gr. abbr. DEYAM), designed and created the first in Greece educational desalination park. The venue was granted by the Municipality and developed by SYCHEM. The project was also sponsored by international leading companies in water treatment technologies, namely GRUNDFOS, PRAHER & PENTAIR.

Almyros ecosystem

Almyros River annual flow of 250.000.000 cubic meters per year ending to the sea, could provide up to 50% of Cretan Island annual water consumption..

The operation

The Educational Desalination Park of Almyros, the first in Greece and Europe, resembles a contemporary version of the traditional fountain, typically sited in most Greek mountainside villages. Just underneath a plane tree, iconic of the Greek highlands, a nicely designed CASTALIA water dispenser supplies fresh desalinated water of Almyros River for a fraction of the market price.

SYCHEM will operate and handle the park maintenance, along with the operation of the corresponding desalination unit for the contracted period. This includes organized tour presentations of the park to visitors and educational material concerning new RO technologies and Almyros ecosystem.

The purpose

The park primary aim is to make the visitors familiar with advanced RO desalination technologies through educational material as well as an on-site experience. They can try and witness the exceptional potable water quality provided by the Reverse Osmosis technology. It is also a well organized information center about the Almyros ecosystem, aiming to promote environmental aspects and inform about the RO technology as important part for the solution of water scarcity.

Nevertheless, the desalination system of the park stands as a first class example of innovative energy saving systems use combined with state of the art automations, resulting to an environmental friendly RO system . The architectural design of the venue, along with the purpose built educational material and the carefully selected exhibits, as membrane Reverse Osmosis membranes internal view will allow visitor to better understand the Desalination Technology.

The vision

The underlying vision of the project is to create not only an educational center, but also highlight Water Treatment Technologies application together with other innovative projects under implementation in Crete. This would develop Conference Tourism in the region to promote Greece as a leading country in water treatment technologies for Southeastern Europe. This perspective also contributes to the development of a technological sector in Greece having a high global growth and high added value.

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